Welcome to our live pub's website! Barone Rosso is a traditional Italian pub in a historical city of Siena, Italy. We are proud of being one of most popular venues in Sienna thanks to our loyal customer and visitors. Partying under Tuscany sun has never been more enjoyable as it is at the Barone Rosso live pub. With over 60 years of existence, we have welcomed tourists and local people with immaculate service, wide variety of beers and wines as well as great Italian food. Our chefs are experienced local Tuscany food prodigies that will surprise you with new items coming on the menu every month. Barone Rosso live pub is really live! We are organizing more than 60 live events at our venue every year. Whether they are local folk gigs, stand-up comedy nights or even rap-battles - Barone Rosso is the perfect venue.